My girl julia over at Let's Bolt told me i'd be totally into the Fall 2010 NY Times T Style Magazine. . . and she was right. . . This editorial shot by Mark Segal is dripping with layers and layers of the most elaborate knits and chunky furs. It's very nomadic, and
very patriotic? What the F is with the random New York caps?? I totally love the ones make out of the Times. . . but a baseball caps in this editorial?? They just aren't working for me. Everything else: sign me up.Wellnomad8Wellnomad7Wellnomad6Wellnomad5Wellnomad4Wellnomad3Wellnomad2Wellnomad1
Images via the one and only Fashioncopious


Rachel said...

oh my gosh i agree with you 100 per cent.

these looks are amazing! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

But who is the stylist? I LOVE IT!

Sister Wolf said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Nomadic Bag-lady, you mean!

Rachel said...

Agreed about the baseball caps--they're just distracting. Despite the theme of excess layering, someone needed to edit, just a bit.

TheShoeGirl said...

These images are really cool. They're totally silly if you look at them as "real" outfits but as editorial images, I love them! Beautiful and whimsical. Fashion is all about fun, right?
Check out Sister Wolf's readers takes on the looks- it's really funny.


Ian said...

actually the whole point of the editorial for me is the caps.the nomadic - layering - blah-blah look is so overdone and used its become a cliche,though a one that people like you love so much so they know it sells and they do it...but the stylist knows it as well so by throwing the cap (which is in that situation ironic0 he shows he has some distance and actually, by making it ironic makes it actually worthwile and good..90 percent of fashion is irony