Tonight was the South End Art Hop. . . always a fun filled, wine-soaked event. Loves it. Every year without fail. loads of fun and creativity. Would have been more wine soaked but i have a flight tomorrow at 7:30 to NYC!!! Fashion week here i come. . . well, more like hanging out with my friends here i come cause i haven't "technically" been invited to anything yet. I'll take what i can yet. xx


Anonymous said...

Hey i just wanted to say that i love your blog! been following you for about a year now, don't remember how I found Rackk and Ruin but Im very glad i did! You seem very real to me at least compared to all the "trend-fashion blogger girls" people that does their own thing are inspiring- so thank you! :)

-Lina. A (sweden)

R.Y said...

I agree with anon above; I'm a huge fan of your blog (I'm from Singapore!) and I really love the way you live your life - you are simply inspirational.

I never comment, but I felt like I should too after seeing the comment above.

DREAMY said...

um, hello amazing earrings!?!