A few of my current "favorites" on Etsy. . . most of them out of my price-range, or not my shoe size. Hopefully They'll strike your fancy.

Vintage Billion Buckle Boots (7.5): $45

Pink and Plum Vintage Roper Boots (6.5): $75

Vintage Tapestry Bag: $57

Multi-Colored Sheepskin Scarf: $200
Unique RARE Rainbow Patchwork Real Sheepskin Fur Scarf

Black Wool Military Style Coat: $45

Faux Fur Shag Jacket: $65

Vintage Coyote Vest: $250
reduced Vintage Genuine Cyote Shaggy Fluffy Super Plush Huge Collar Winter Vest Coat Jacket sz sm med lg


Clara said...

That scarf is dreamy!! So is the price though :s

bravegrrl said...

great finds... etsy is killing me right now, haha.... love that military coat :)


Laura said...

Wow! I have never seen coyote fur before, quite stunning!

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...


Bunny and the Wolf said...

Oh no! I'm now obsessed with that fur shag jacket. I saved it to my computer and keep checking if anyone has purchased it. I am living in broke city so that may never happen. Thanks for posting though so I have something to lust over daily :)

Candy Warhol said...

That striped scarf is to DIE for!