I didn't actually watch the Golden Globes on Sunday. i was working. But i do have opinions about what was worn. and here they are:

I'll just start right off with the bad. And this is it. What were ScarJo's hair/makeup people thinking!?!?! ooof
scarlett johansson golden globes 2011 08

Tilda Swinton looked like a Carolina Herrara wannabe.
helen mirren tilda swinton golden globes 02


Hot Damn Emma Stone!! I was hating her blond locks until just now. That Calvin Klein dress is heaven as well.
emma stone 2011 red carpet golden globe awards 02

Kira Sedgwick's dress/jewelry combo was amazing. It was probably the one of the few outfits from the night that i could totally see myself wearing to a schmancy event.
piper perabo kyra sedgwick katey sagal golden globes 12

Other than her slumpy posture, Juliana looked amazing in her pink and black strapless number.
piper perabo kyra sedgwick katey sagal golden globes 09

Olivia Wilde's sparkle-motion dress was fab-u-lous
olivia wilde golden globes red carpet 2011 06

Loved Helena's mismatched shoes . . . reminded me of wearing two different colored converse in middle school.
helena bonham carter golden globes 03

Holy god Johnny is attractive
johnny depp 2011 golden globes red carpet 01


bravegrrl said...
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bravegrrl said...

haha... i second that last statement ;)

F. said...

hmmm idk i like how emma stone looks with dark hair best but yeah she did look really good

olivia wilde's dress was really nice and fun but i think a lil' too fancy for this? i dunno it was a little too "LOOOOOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEE"

&i'm convinced that Johnny Depp isn't capable of being un-hot...even if he dresses weird i don't even care
ugh&he's old enough to be my (young) dad :/ not right

The reFind Rebel said...

sounds like Johnny is taking the cake on comments today. And I concur, his sexentricity makes my toes curl....but that tan has tones of Mickey Rourke, ugh.

Emma said...

Hi there!
I'm happy I found your blog.. It's lovely! Thanks for sharing such nice inspiration darling! And keep it up! Johnny looks good, as always :)

Wanna be followers? Let me know!

Love from Stockholm.. xoxo!

Anonymous said...

love ur humor!

Anonymous said...

I think Johnny Depp is so gross. Hideous. I don't get it. Yuck!