// My darling dog //
//the last Jenga attempt //
// Rackk and Ruin earrings //
// a wild turkey wing given to me by a friend for jewelry //
// my most prized possession //
// Finishing Just Kids on the plane with Haribo Gold Gummy Bears on the plane //
// Chicago Airport //
// Cheese crackers and Cholula at Sugarbush Mountain //

// Eric in the empty winter greenhouses //
// pumpkins now squirrel food //
// the inside of a bracelet i made for my sister for Christmas with our initials //
// straight up sugar rush //
// Shearling warmness //


Firdaus said...

Great pictures! And I love your scarves :)

Firdaus XX

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Annabel said...

love these kinds of posts, keep em' coming

BlueVanilla said...

Love these photos...great photography!

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Let's Bolt said...

Life seems warm for you.

Tea For Two said...

Did you like Just Kids? It's on my reading list.