Scott Treleaven

Just discovered the amazing Canadian artist Scott Treleaven. I've always loved collage and I really think his color choices are absolutely flawless. Treleaven first became known in the mid 90s for his filmmaking. He did a documentary called "Queercore: A Punk-u-mentary" about the gay punk cultural and social movement that began in the mid-1980s. Basically a bunch of punks pissed of at society for disapproving of LGBTQ communities. Right on!

Treleaven also created a zine called "This is Salvation Army" which he filled with his black and white collages and writing inspired by punk, goth, the occult and industrial music aesthetics. The first image below is from the zine.Sigil #111 by Scott Treleaven
I wonder if THIS was inpsired by the piece below.
A collaboration between Treleaven and his friend designer Jeremy Laing.

"... Once And For All: There Is No Scene: There is no membership activity. We’ve all done our time with the punks, the Goths, the crusties, club scenes, art scenes. Galleries, grebos & factories. You name it. We’ve done the tattoos, the hairdos, the scars, and the steel till we all looked alike. Communist meetings, Anarchist rallies, potlucks, back rooms, witch circles; all the underground credentials you could want....Having now safely returned to the helm we can report: there wasn’t really anybody there. Despite genial perversions, bright markings and self-avowed mutilations, we were still starved for the compassionate ones. (he cums in my mouth, calls me a “good citizen” and then tells me a story about a junky). We were looking for the ones who wanted to begin. This circus is as far flung and varied as any cabaret. Infiltrating all areas. Infuriating people with a total inability to wear one disguise, to believe in one idea, or to take anybody’s word for anything. We truly cum & go as we please from one circle to the next, taking only what we need. Scavengers from a school far larger than any small-minded cult of primitivism, theory, dogma, decadence, or sham. We are ageless jacks-of-all-trades; dilettantes, masters, and examples. Please don’t be afraid: you will know each other by scent alone. We are the new circus. We are the envy of the fucking World."
(exerpt from Open Letter to the New Queer Radicals by Scott Treleaven. From This Is The Salivation Army, 1997)


Blogger Oracle Fox said...

Hey Lady!! wow his work is amazing! I have such an admiration for the way his composition it's really beautiful yet eery, quite amazing! xx

March 7, 2011 at 7:26 PM  

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