First off I just wanna say that I think I might prefer the look of friendship bracelets/colorful wrist decorations on men. . . or. . . maybe just on these men.
 The Details  The little details.
Can someone please fill me in on this duo? Who are they? What planet are they from. . . wait, i know, Planet Awesome. They look killer in EVERY photo ever taken of them.
Who taught you that snazzy knot technique for your kerchief? Was it your Pops? I bet it was!
Planet Awesome again.
 A break from the suits…but not the style!
and this one just cause Julia is so darn adorable.

Photos by Tommy Ton, Streetfsn, guerreisms.com


Louise (Table Tonic) said...

Ooooh! Beautiful, amazing, inspiring post. I loved your gorgeous edit. And those fabrics! Ugh. Perfection.

Must get Mr Tonic onto this...

mar said...


Nik said...

Regarding the duo... They're from London(I like to think they're my big brothers)

The shorter one is associated with saville row designer ozwald boateng his name is Sam Lambert. The taller is Shaka Maidoh and an IT guy, sometimes model and maybe biz partner with Sam Lambert.

I posted on them a couple of days ago and then researched a bit.


Love your blog!

samantha rae said...

love these and that duo definitely knows whats up. xo

0408pm said...

i love men wearing bracelets.

kenzaloo said...

ugh. i wish i was a boy . i mean, you know what i mean.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know where you can find the coloured bracelet in the 2nd picture? thanks