A while back I saw a street-style image in which a guy was wearing a brimmed hat that looked to have been made bigger by slicing and then loosely safety pinning the seam.  So when I found this black Bates Hatter hat at a thrift store I wasn't too upset when it didn't fit on my dome. 

 I should have taken DIY process images for you guys because it was really simple to do. I used a sharp razor blade to slice up the back of the hat and then used my leather punch to make even holes for the cord to lace through.

Voila! A quick hat expansion.


Anonymous said...

what a fucking perfect idea - opens the world of ill fitting hats up to me :)

Steve Frous said...

FANTASTIC HAT! really well done!

xx Steve

alden said...

brilliant! I'm SO doing that!!!

DREAMY said...

genius!! so many hats don'e fit my massive head/hair, and now i have a solution!

Liz said...

Very cool.

Kinga said...

I love it, well done!

PL, Kinga