I know I've posted on Emmanuelle's style before but i'm just so drawn to her signature look: simple, clean and casual - and always polished.  She epitomizes, and oozes, Parisian chic in her skinny jeans, oxfords, blazers and perfectly chosen boots and jacket.   

images collected via http://www.fashionodor.com


Cristiana Nunes said...

I love her simplicity and clean style :) Love the fact that she tries hard not to wear any makeup on!

Elegantly Wasted said...

You could post her one hundred times over and I would never get sick of it! She really is a natural beauty. Far less contrived than many of the others in her industry.

C x


R. said...

i can see you in all of these outfits! x r

Bambi said...

wow she is awesome, i want to dress like that when i am older