I randomly met Leanne on the street in Williamsburg years ago in 2009.  She wondered if I knew where she could get a good hotdog (I regretfully didn't), and I asked if I could take her photo (she sweetly obliged).  We ended up getting in touch a little while later when Leanne asked if i'd be interested in making jewelry for a couple of country singers she was going to be styling.  It was back when I was just starting out and having her unsolicited support meant more than she could have known. 

 I've always loved Leanne's style and am so psyched that she and her husband, after years of working their asses of as a stylist and art director, have started their own creative group called ACRE.  Together they "design, style, build, concept and create."   Basically everything they touch turns to gold.  If you want to be truly blown away, check out their home renovation blog Meet The Shaffers.  

The beautiful photos below were taken by Laura D'Art LA.  Click here for Ruthie Lindsey's interview with Leanne.


Blogger Jardine said...

yes! i met leanne years ago and thought she was so awesome ... so cool to see she's doing so well. love it.

September 3, 2013 at 1:16 PM  

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