So it's ok if i want to see a, probably terrible, romantic comedy if it's French right? That's gotta give it some points. . . that, and the fact that i've just discovered Romain Duris and his unbelievably adorable smile. I hope my boyfriend doesn't mind that i've added his entire cinematic career to our Netflix queue. whooops.

Definitely wanna see this movie too.


ADELE said...

The Heartbreaker is such a good comedy :) You should watch "L'Auberge Espagnole" (from Cedric Klapish, the director of Dans Paris), it's with Romain Duris, and it's really nice :)

Anonymous said...

dans paris is so unbelievably good. and the soundtrack is all metric!

Ava said...

i saw this in a french theater this summer while i was studying abroad-- it was über-enjoyable (even if i couldn't quite understand every word of the french haha)

i agree with the first commenter about "L'Auberge Espagnole"--it's fabulous!


Aly Fox said...

was he in "The Beat That My Heart Skipped?" that guy is HOT.

mc said...

I'll have to admit that I have a slight obsession with Romain Duris too!
Dans Paris is pretty amazing, I definitely recommend you see it. L'auberge Espagnol too!

Cristina @FUJI FILES said...

Looks like others got to it before me but I've just gotta second (third, fourth) L'auberge Espagnol!

alden said...

yum. adding it to the queue immediately. and him to my next lucid dream.

Céci said...

I love him too.
Actually it's "l'arnacoeur", it's a pun, wordplay : arnaqueur means grifter, swindler, so arna"coeur" (heart) means hearts swindler.


i've never heard of this french actor before but both previews look really good. he seems charmingly witty in both movies. and i would totally dig for dans paris. the heartbreaker one is quite too corny for me, i admit. but it's ok since we do need to be corny at times.



Anonymous said...

you forgot one i think is worth mentioning.... Moliere http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0796335/

pretty amazing if you like this sort of thing... he is hilarious in it

Delli | Delphine said...

I'm a french girl. I've seen almost all the movies of Romain Duris. L'auberge espagnole is amazing, but i prefer Les poupées russes, the succession.
The Heartbreaker is awesome. It's so funny. In my opinion it's the best french romantic comedy.
You can see "Paris" too. It's a mix between "Paris je t'aime" and "Love actually". He dances in this movie!

Mike said...

Hey who knows it may not be as terrible as people say it is. My mom agrees with you too he does have a amazing smile.