I shot the Rackk and Ruin Fall 2010 Lookbook yesterday with my gorgeous friend/model Kate (of the awesome blog Youprobablylookbetternaked). The weather was amazing and we had tons of fun rocking out to an iphone playlist behind my studio. . . that is until the custom auto body-shop next door started spewing noxious spray-paint fumes from their wall vent (it was literally painting the grass below). Luckily we were on our last couple photos by then.

I'll let you know when the new pieces are posted to Etsy!!
Thanks again Kate! You are amazing!!


The (Style) Realist said...

the ribcage piece is hot!!


Natalie said...

Love your blog! You should check out Korean designer Kai-aakmann, I think you would like it! You can become a fan of their Facebook page here:


Invite your friends too!

Let's Bolt said...

ah so rad! please post the pieces soon so I can ogle them!

reid.damnit said...


Black Devil said...

I love the body chain.

very cute.


another awesome pieces. body chain is one thing i've never thought of before. but i do think it should be something to match as a cool accessory with clothing in this tropical area i'm living in.



kenzaloo said...

love the wrench

Anastasia said...

You're stuff is totally awesome. If you ever want me to shoot it.. I will, with pleasure.