I discovered this beautiful series on Beetlebung Farm by photographer Gabriela Herman (via A Well Traveled Woman's Tumblr) and fell in love.  These are obviously very glamorous shots of farm life but they still make me crave summer (and this food) like whoa. . .  hopefully this summer we will actually get organized enough to host a "farm field dinner" for our friends.  


laurenholdsworth said...

I grew up about 5 minutes from this farm on Martha's Vineyard. You should see their flowers :)
xo L

clare said...

I know this farm and that bearded farmer! its a beautiful place run by beautiful people, I spent a lot of time there this summer and miss it. lovely shots!


I'm just totally fed up with the city life and its people these days, and these pics totally slam me in the head telling me that I gotta hold on my breath just so I can leave next month.. to somewhere else more humble and quiet. And I am heading to a small town in Belgium. I can't hardly wait seeing these pictures. Nothing beats living a life simply out of the shades and stay with all things nature. I really really need this.


Rackk and Ruin said...

I bet Belgium is exactly what you need right now!

Cristiana Nunes said...

beautiful post on nature :) i loved these images, they made me smile :)