I've always had a soft spot for Edward Burns, and his accent.  His new(ish) movie Newlyweds is getting a lot of great buzz and I'm definitely going to check it out when/if it plays in my town.

Which reminds me, when the hell are theaters going to start charging less for admission to independent films?  People should expect to pay $9 to see massive Blockbuster movies like Mission Impossible 3 . . . but why are we paying the same price to see small, independent films?  I would go to so many more movies if there was some sort of sliding scale based on the movie's budget.  Right??


lala said...

you're right about that. but $9???? its like $13 here in ny, =/

Anonymous said...

I think its because although the independent films cost less to produce, they actual have less access to funding and often are self funded or through donations by friends and so forth. So that actually makes them more valuable and rare, and therefore they probably should cost MORE than the hollywood blockbuster films.

alden said...

Ditto San Francisco....and big screen is about $14-15. But this looks good!

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bravegrrl said...

where are you seeing movies for $9? haha... that's kinda non existent in l.a.